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Physician Job Recruiter Tips

How to Work With a Physician Job Recruiter

Once you’ve decided to work with a recruiter in a physician job search, three key activities help the process work smoothly:

  • Preparing for the process
  • Communicating openly with your recruiter
  • Making time available for job interviews and phone calls

These three key items lead to a better working relationship with your recruiter, thereby ensuring a successful job-matching process.


Update Your CV
The medical CV is the core of your search for a physician job. While your recruiter may give you tips on how to improve your CV, you should have a complete, up-to-date CV before you even start the process. (See Preparing a Medical CV for guidelines on writing an effective one.)

Determine that you’re open to exploring opportunities
Physicians start a physician jobs search for many different reasons, but you should be serious about making a career move before beginning to work with a professional recruiter.

Think about what’s important to you in a new position
While no physician should go into a job search with his/her mind set on an exact outcome, it’s important to have a basic idea of what you’re looking for in a new job. By communicating these items to your recruiter, you can start a more productive conversation about where to start looking for a new position.


Candid communication is the cornerstone of a successful recruiter/physician relationship. KPS Physician Staffing starts each new relationship with an extensive discovery process. You and your recruiter will have confidential, in-depth discussions about your past emergency medicine job experiences, ideal job attributes and “must-haves” in any prospective position. Your KPS Physician Staffing recruiter selects the best physician jobs possible for you based on the criteria you set forth during these dialogs.

Honest communication on both sides not only gives your recruiter a clearer picture of who you are and what you need, it helps you evaluate prospective job offers. Open communication about why a particular position is or isn’t ideal for you helps target your search, so expect conversations with your recruiter to be very frank.


Your own availability is critical to a successful physician job search. You must be accessible to your recruiter by taking phone calls, returning messages and making time for phone and on-site interviews.

Your KPS Physician Staffing recruiter only submits your CV after talking with you about the position and whether or not you think it’s a good fit. These discussions need to occur in a timely manner or you could miss some excellent job opportunities. By making time for these conversations, you’ll make sure that your options aren’t limited.

By preparing prior to even beginning the process, keeping an open line of communication and making yourself available to the physician recruiting team, you optimize your job search by giving your recruiter the tools to find the best position possible.