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Why Work with a Medical Job Recruiter

Benefits of a Medical Job Recruiter

Physicians turn to a medical job recruiter for expertise in placing them in the right positions so that they can focus on practicing medicine and not on looking for new jobs. Just as there are specialties in medicine, physician recruiters are specialized in this specific area of staffing. At KPS Physician Staffing, we have 100 years of experience and we use that experience to help physicians guide their job searches to the most desirable outcomes.

With an intimate knowledge of the medical industry, the physician recruiters at KPS Physician Staffing have spent years developing market knowledge and industry tools to help you find your perfect job. This includes state-of-the-art database systems, industry trend research reports and ongoing networking with nationwide medical practice groups and hospitals all across the country.

KPS spends a significant amount of time establishing relationships with key hiring personnel. Often we know about medical jobs before they are publicly available because of this extensive network. As a result, physicians have access to a much larger database of jobs than if they conducted the search on their own.

The advantages of our nationwide network do not stop there. For example, when we send your CV to a hiring manager, it’s not just another piece of paper that crosses their desk. Your KPS Physician recruiter will personally call these hiring managers to give context to your CV, tell them your story and make a case for why you are the perfect fit for the position. As a result, your application is often considered with more depth than if submitted via a job site or board.

KPS Physician Recruiters Save You Time

KPS saves you time by optimizing your physician job search process. This includes CV recommendations, intense interview preparation and search direction guidance. We’ll also help you identify medical job opportunities that you may have overlooked had you found them on your own but could still be ideal positions. The end goal is to make the entire process as efficient and focused as possible so that you are presented with the right positions. Every step of the process will be beneficial in helping guide you toward your ideal medical job.

Preparing you for the Interview

Once an interview process has begun, KPS recruiters help physicians put their best foot forward. From interview prep to detailed reports on prospective employers, the research gathered by our recruiters helps physicians go into the interview process seeking the right information about the job. If a job offer is extended, our recruiters help in the negotiation process by becoming an advocate for what the physician needs in a compensation package.

By working with the physician recruiters at KPS Physician Staffing, physicians are able to confidently embark on a job search process that will identify the right position without distracting them from their current responsibilities. Utilizing our services in this process will help ensure that you save time and make educated decisions about choosing a position that’s right for you.