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The KPS Commitment to Physicians

KPS Physician Staffing’s commitment to your successful physician job search is based on four critical elements:

  • Focus

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Information


Physician jobs¬†are KPS Physician Staffing’s sole focus. Our commitment to clients in the medical employment arena, coupled with over 100 years of physician placement experience, separates us from other physician recruitment firms.

While keeping the satisfaction of both parties in mind, KPS has learned that focusing on the physician’s needs is the surest way to reach the best possible outcome for both sides.

KPS appreciates the limited time that physicians and mid-level professionals have available to devote to their medical job search. That’s why each step in our process is designed to help physicians find a better opportunity as quickly as possible.


Everyone at KPS works as a team which is solely dedicated to placing physicians in jobs which advance their careers.

Functioning as a physician recruitment team enables KPS to match each physician to the best possible job, working to the advantage of physicians and employers alike.

KPS physician recruiters also regularly communicate within the team to generate additional ideas for individual physician searches.


Thanks to our relationships with hospitals and groups, KPS physician recruiters are aware of hundreds of physician job opportunities, many of which are unadvertised. KPS uses a specifically designed database to zero in on the best possible matches for both physicians and employers.

Through ongoing market development, KPS recruiters are always aware of numerous upcoming opportunities that have yet to be fully integrated into the database — providing additional matching opportunities for physicians.

The relationships built with previous clients and KPS’ knowledge of practices affords further matching possibilities. Many of the best groups are forward-thinking enough to always look at great physicians who are a strong fit for their practice. KPS has the relationships to make that introduction happen.


Professional relationships are at the heart of KPS’ success as a physician recruitment firm, and the most important relationship a KPS consultant develops is with each and every physician job candidate we work with.

Just as physicians need certain information in order to properly diagnose their patients, KPS physician recruiters need specific details from candidates to match them with the best physician jobs possible. Candid and detailed conversations with candidates are the best way to discover each physician’s needs, as well as the driving force behind the matching process.